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This site will help you understand how to calculate the interest you’re actually paying on your debts. You’ll likely be interested in knowing the actual interest rate you pay not the stated interest rate on your outstanding loans. 

Learn about what Einstein called the 8th wonder of the world


Do you feel you should be in debt your entire life? In 30 minutes learn how DebtFree4LifeAdvsiors™ can eliminate your debt for life.

Our finance experts at DebtFree4Life™ have only one goal: To get you debt free. Our Advisors understand that debt is America’s real epidemic. This is causing anxiety, stress, depression, divorce, resentment, regret, denial, frustration and embarrassment.

It’s not your fault.

The finance companies have rigged the game in their favor to keep you in debt forever. The effective interest rates that you pay today can be over 30%! That ends today.

If you want to take control back from the finance companies, fill out our simple form to get started on your Debt Free For Life Journey Now!


To A Successful
Debt Free 4 Life CaseTM(DF4L)

Step 1: Collect all the information about your debt

Step 2: Do The Math

Step 3: Review The Effective Interest Cost Report

Step 4: Understand how interest is working against you

Step 5: Learn the smart way to tackle the interest (It’s not what you think!)

Tracey L. Spikes CLU, FICF

Chief Marketing Officer

Schedule a free one on one meeting with our advisors to find out what percentage of your debts go to paying just interest using our interest calculator (include all of your debts to see what your effective interest cost is on your next month’s payments)

“In this life, nothing can be more devastating to your wealth than DEBT and TAXES.”

Where’s the biggest threat?

Where is the biggest opportunity?

The TYPICAL American Family spends 65% of every dollar they make on Debt & Taxes.

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Hear the success stories

Chris Washington
Chris Washington
$83,000 in debt
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I've been using Debt Free 4 Life to keep track of my finances and it's been absolutely incredible. I was drowning in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. I was using too many apps that weren't getting the job done. Chris has helped me structure my accounts in a way that's made it easy for to pay off my debts faster and improve my credit score.
Raymond Pitman
Raymond Pitman
$55,000 in debt
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After going through the Debt Free 4 Life program, I am out of debt! This is the 3rd month in a row that I have paid off my credit card and I owe it all to Debt Free 4 Life . If you're struggling with debt like me, this Debt Free 4 Life will show you how to break the cycle.
Catherine Gilbert
Catherine Gilbert
$127,000 in debt
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Debt Free 4 Life is my rock. They just helped me get out of debt by helping me use interest in my favor to pay off my loans and I can't believe it. I'm so excited to be able to spend on other things instead of just paying off bills. Thank you, Debt Free 4 Life!
David Carballo
David Carballo
$24,000 in debt
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I first heard about Debt Free 4 Life when I was drowning in debt and had no idea how to climb out. They helped me develop a plan that was doable for me and gave me the confidence to make it through. Today, I'm out of debt and no longer feel the stress of those monthly payments! It's hard but worth it!
Mary Minnich
Mary Minnich
$79,000 in debt
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I was in debt and had no savings. I couldn't get a loan to buy my dream home, but then a friend introduced me to Debt Free 4 Life. Now I'm out of debt, got the house I always wanted!, and have money for emergencies. Debt Free 4 Life is the Amazing Debt Savior!
Gavin Navas
Gavin Navas
$47,000 in debt
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It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally out of debt thanks to Debt Free 4 Life. It was tough at first, but their advice was always sound and they always had my best interest in mind. I never would have made it without them.