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45 Million Households In America Share

Personal Debt

But The Problem Isn't Your Debt...

The problem is, on average, 30% of that number is being used by the “Fat Cats” to…

…build their Ivory Towers
…buy their Gulfstream Jets
…and to spend “Summer in the Hamptons”
You see…
On average – each and every single month, over 30% of the total amount you pay towards debt, whether that be…

  • Car payments
  • Student loans
  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards 

Or even your mortgage is…

Only Used To Pay Off Interest!

These financial institutions and the “Fat Cats” who run them, are compounding THEIR wealth with your money.

You see – a large chunk of the money you pay back on amortized loans – isn’t just paying back the money you owe.

It’s paying a relentlessly compounding interest figure.

The longer the loan term – the more that figure grows exponentially.

Hence why – the total amount owed for a mortgage – will on average be made up with as high as 50% in JUST INTEREST PAYMENTS. It’s like paying for your house…twice!

Not really fair, is it?

And even when or IF you do manage to clear of your debt – what happens next?

You may need to borrow money for something else.


Albert Einstein

“Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.
He who understands it, earns it…he who doesn’t, pays it.”

The BIG mistake most Americans are making when it comes to paying back debt...

Most Americans are simply making the minimum payments on their debt, and are using any additional money they have to…

  • Make additional contributions to their 401k
  • Saving within a cash account (beyond a “rainy day” fund)
  • Investing in the stock market
  • Or playing roulette with crypto coins and NFTs…

But unless your returns from those endeavors beat (or at the minimum – match) the embedded interest rate within your debt…

Then financially – you’re still worse off…

The problem with “traditional” snowballing...

Snowballing was made popular by the world-famous personal finance personality – Dave Ramsey.

But it has ONE major flaw.
What happens when your debt is paid off?
You’re debt-free? Correct.

  • But what happens when you want or need a new car?
  • What happens when you want to move to a bigger house for your family?
  • Or you need to borrow money for some unforeseen emergency?

You end up, right back in debt…again. And you’re back to paying ridiculously high interest rates…again.

That’s where Debt Free 4 Life™ comes in…

What to do next?

3 steps to becoming Debt Free 4 Life™

Calculate Your Effective Interest Rate Using The Calculator Below

Using the calculator below – input the prompted information about your loans:
  • The Type Of Debt
  • The Name Of The Account
  • The Total Remaining Balance
  • The Minimum Payment Required
  • The Interest Rate On Your Loan
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In this report, we’ll outline (with a Debt Free 4 Life™ Plan) how much less debt you could pay – how much faster you could pay it off – and the cash total you’ll have remaining at the end.

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On this call, we’ll review your numbers with you, review your report and look at potentially implementing your very own Debt Free 4 Life™ Plan.

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